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Types of soils

| Les Serres Dauphinais

Miracle Mix

The Miracle Mix soil bag is ideal for anything that will be planted in pots and flower boxes. It’s a lightweight potting soil that holds water. It is also already enriched with compost, so you don’t have to add anything.

Mix 3

The Mix 3 soil bag is ideal for your flower beds and vegetable gardens. It’s a ready-to-use mix of soil, peat moss and compost. You don’t have to add anything.

Garden soil

Isabelle brand garden soil is a beautiful brown soil ready to mix with your best compost to plant your plants. We do not recommend using it alone, as it will lack nutrients for your plants. It is better than black soil for plants because it is richer and less sandy. Garden soil can also be used alone for planting grass (seed or peat).

Lawn Soil

Lawn soil is specially designed for planting sod or grass seed. It is enriched with nitrogen to help the grass grow. Although garden soil can do the job, lawn soil is recommended if you are planting sod in poor soil conditions (under a tree, for example) or in the shade.

Animal compost (sheep)

Animal compost is ideal for enriching your flower beds or refreshing your soil from previous years.

Shrimp compost

Shrimp compost is rich in calcium. It is therefore recommended for the garden since vegetable garden plants generally require more calcium. It is even more relevant for tomato planting, as a good supply of calcium will help prevent black spots from forming on tomatoes.

Peat Moss

Peat moss is used to lighten the soil. It is mixed with clayey soil or hard soil to make it light enough for the plants.

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